Dear WSD Community,

We're excited to announce that WSD will be building a new Divine Academic
building and Hunter gymnasium, set to open in Fall 2024. To support this project,
we have organized a fundraiser called "Buy-A-Brick". You can have a brick
engraved on a two-story high brick wall near the entrance foyer of the Divine
Academic Building. Each engraved brick costs $100.

The theme of our fundraiser is to honor the past and present while building for the
future of WSD. As part of the fundraising project, we will also commission a Red
Barn art painting to be displayed in the Divine Academic Building foyer. Please
enjoy attached vlog presented by our WSD alumnus Randall Smith on the history
of our WSD “Hidden” brick.

To participate, please fill out the attached order form and return it to us. Your
contribution will make a lasting impact and show your support for WSD.
Thank you for being a part of our community and helping us create a brighter
future for our school.

Washington School for the Deaf Alumni Association (WSDAA) & Deaf Education
Advocates Foundation (DEAF)






Washington School for the Deaf

    Vancouver, Washington, USA