Hello all friends of WSD,

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to be used on various Arts projects at WSD.

Because of generous donors like you, the Guy Charles Wonder Jr with his Memorial Arts Fund, has already raised just over $5,000. We are over half way to reaching our goal.

Match Challenge: Whether you donate $5 or $100 or more, the family of Guy Charles Wonder Jr. has offered to match donations up to a total of $1,000.

Use this link:  https://www.wagives.org/organization/Wsddeaf to match the challenge.

Please share this information with your friends, family and colleagues. Thank you very much for supporting Deaf Education Advocates Foundation and the children and youth at Washington School for the Deaf. 

Please also check a FUNdraising page to donate in supporting Guy Charles Wonder Jr. Memorial Arts Fund by linking its page: https://www.givebigwa.org/fundraise/702/guy-charles-wonder-jr-memorial-arts-fund

Or by mail: please write a check, payable to DEAF.
Guy Charles Wonder Jr. Memorial Arts Fund
c/o DEAF Education Advocates Foundation
P.O. Box 2561
Vancouver WA 98668

Guy Charles Wonder Jr. was an exemplary DeVIA artist as a Deaf visual fine artist, ASL storyteller and theatrical arts artist. Per Guy’s wish, Guy Charles Wonder Jr. Memorial Arts Fund was set up by his Wonder Family. Guy desires to share his art passion with deaf children at WSD where he graduated in 1966. As a beloved alumnus, he has served as an Artist-in-Residence at WSD, taught art to K-12 students and helped create permanent displays at WSD’s Lloyd Auditorium.

Guy created his American flag artwork based on the ASL sign for America - the interlocking fingers symbolizing the log cabin. Please see his explanation of the American Sign Language Flag in the NTID interview part 2: Guy Wonder 2 NTID Interview - YouTube.  In memory of Guy Wonder, his Wonder Family (Guy’s sister Jeannie & her husband, Ed Leighton, Guy’s brother Jimmy, his wife, Kathy) chose to donate Guy’s ASL Flag to WSD. But the flag was in Palms Springs, California and we did not want it to go by mail. Guy’s best friend, Greg Pard of Palm Springs, was clever to contact Ricky Dockter from Tacoma, WA who happened to be in that area. Ricky knew Guy and his maternal Lowell family from Tacoma well and was more than happy to deliver the flag to David Born in Vancouver, WA. Greg carefully wrapped and protected the flag for its travel and Ricky zoomed to drop it off at David’s place. See the picture of Ricky proudly delivered to David after his long drive.

Shauna Bilyeu, superintendent of WSD, was delighted to accept the ASL Flag from the Wonder Family. Shauna considers displaying it in the Lloyd Auditorium, where Guy was an artist in residence in 2014, working with the WSD students to create the artwork currently on display there. Many thanks to Greg Pard, Ricky Dockter, Shauna Bilyeu,
and especially the Guy Wonder family for their artwork gift to WSD in memory of Guy Wonder Jr.

Washington School for the Deaf

    Vancouver, Washington, USA






Deaf Education Advocates Foundation (DEAF) is excited to let you know that the GiveBIG Washington is coming up soon.

This year’s GiveBIG is to help fund the Guy Charles Wonder Jr. Memorial Arts Fund.

The two days of giving starts at 12:00 AM midnight on May 3rd and ends at 11:59 PM on May 4th. Two days / 48 hours to GiveBIG to help support our WSD Deaf youth!

You do not need to wait. Donate now at https://www.wagives.org/organization/Wsddeaf