Donors 2021

Linda Liepins
Dwight & Charmain Mackey
Larry Petersen  in memorial of David Martin
Taylor Gibson
Anne Devereaux
Kristen Cushman
Kurt & Jacalyn Swanson
Don Redford III  in honor of Don A. Redford Jr.
Pamela Randol
Jane Cinker
Nancy Sinkovitz  in honor of Harold & Marjorie Stickel
Julie Moore
Diane Schirmer
Shannon Graham
Danielle Boss
Carole Kaulitz
Toni Stromberg
Jason Cox
Shauna Bilyeu
Eunice Hamlin
Julia Birdsong
Kay Kennedy
David Born & Wesley Dubbs
Corky Sparr
Sam Todd
Patrick Markham
David Tarver
Mike & Carol Nord in memory of Harold Margie Stickel
Jeff Garnett
Josh & Marisa Walter in honor of Shauna Bilyeu
Gail Pollock
Todd Reeves in memory of Bob Devereaux
Sara Randol
Bill Brelje in memory of Janet Y Day-Brelje
Cindy Paxton in memory of the Stokesbarys (Glen & Jean)
Laurence A. Schoenberg
Witt Lemmon
Kimberly Sparrow in honor of Henley Alysse Harvey
Christopher Alestra
Bernita Bontager
Erin Campos
Judy Miller
Darcie LeMieux
Tammera Richards, NW ASL Associates, Inc.
Alysha Schafte
Jane Mulholland & Kevin Hohnbaum
Kimberley Clemenhagen
Julia Petersen
The Reehoorns
The Forncrook Family
Jan Sorenson
Sharon Hammer
Allie Joiner
Court Guerci
Ann Varkados
Donald & Gale Sard
Ron & Laurie Sturgeon
Gloria Duback
Linda Stack
Daniel & Sharon Iverson
Betty Groesbeck
Piper Gallucci
Paul Oakes
Jan & Steve Oliva
Tom Knappenberger & Mary Keltz
Heidi Billittier 10,000 in memory of Joseph Kregal
Suzanne Noble
Gerrianne Healy
Bill Newell
Dr. Susan Fischer
Tom Willard0
Carey Price
Dr. Nancy Frishberg
Janet Montagnino
Dr. Jason Zinza
Dr. Rico Peterson
Jayne McCready
Aimee Foreman
Alicia Lane-Outlaw
Brenda Aron
Narmin Kerimova
Lloyd Ballinger
Patricia Pangborn
Claire Fleming LeBlanc
Shari Lynn Moore
Amy Blades
Dr. Bonnie Meath-Lang
Aaron Goreleck
Tom Humphries
Deba Pietsch
Karen Atwood
Terry Spencer in memory of Allen Forbes & Guy Wonder
Claudia Foy
William Ciffairy
Leslie Durst
Ginger Speranza in honor of David Martin
Daniel Mroz
Betty Sue Morris
Maureen Behrens
JoAnn Crabtree
Susan Bakke
Matt Brink
Roxane Smith-Divine
PAH Covell
Jayne King
Deirdre Curle
Ann Flannery
Donna Walker
Despo Varkados
Julie Gebron
Catherine Thomas
Heidi Westling
Robert & Jeanne Born
JoAnn Munson  in memory of Terri Munson
Rick Whitney
Pamela Whitney
Stromberg Family
Nikki Ekle
Deanna Green
Kerey Stickel
Rick Hauan
Elly Redford
Wes Henson
Harry Speelman
Lloyd & Mary North
Lawrence Petersen
Jim & De Stickel in honor of Harold & Marjorie Stickel
Patricia Capizzi
Ed & Jeannie Leighton in memory of her brother, Guy
Bates Barnett Jr in memory of Susan Barnett
Carmine Faella
Erica Rader
Bill & Cathy Harper
John & Kathy Evans
Deantha & Jerome Schwehr
George Belser
Jean Hymas
Daryl & Melinda Schreiner
Julie & Steve Pagel
Paul & Lu McComb
Renwick & Beth Dayton in memory of Dwight Mackey
Clark Connor
Marlene Hapala
Larry & Earlyse Swift
Michael & Barbara Boyd
Asa Reed
Gloria Pagan
Ray Ayala
Amy Besel
Donald Melton
Pedro Ramirez 30 in honor of Maria Ramirez Heather White 

Click here to link your Fred Meyer Community Rewards to Deaf Education Advocates Foundation. You can search for us by our non-profit number (MA045). Then, every time you shop and use your Rewards Card, you are helping the DEAF students at Washington School  for the Deaf! Don't worry: you still earn your Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates, just as you may do currently.

Office Depot/Office Max will donate 5% on purchasesof “qualified school supplies” directly to WSD in the form of credits for free supplies. When shopping at Office Depot/Office Max, whether at a store or online, provide the WSD school ID number (70107931) at time of checkout for each purchase.

Click here to link your AmazonSmile account to earn money for Deaf Education Advocates Foundation. Our link is

Donate used Clothing & Household Items

To Donate:
Put donated items in a bag or box & write “DEAF 404”.
Bring them to the Nifty Thrifty Charity Resale:
6607 E. Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver WA 98661.
Sold items are placed into the DEAF account, #404.
DEAF receives 50% of the sales price.

Washington School for the Deaf

    Vancouver, Washington, USA